Benz ADR
12021 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 256
Los Angeles, CA 90025


(310) 570-2774


(310) 975-1214 



Alternative Dispute Resolution. Creative, timely, and effective solutions by an experienced and knowledgeable facilitator.


Subject to his calendar, Jeff Benz is available to serve, and has served, on cases statewide, nationwide, and worldwide.


Jeff's billing philosophy is simple: His customers should be charged a fair price for fantastic services that deliver results, nothing more and nothing less.

His hourly rate is $375, wherever in the world the case is heard. Clients are requested to book him for 4 hours minimum for an in person hearing or mediation.

Jeff does not charge for travel time to hearings held anywhere in California, Colorado, or Hawaii. Travel elsewhere is negotiable, but will be consistent with a de minimis approach to travel charges.

Jeff does not charge any hidden fees, nor does he charge for administrative expenses. He simply charges for his actual, reasonable expenses, if any, incurred in travel.

He does charge a cancellation fee of 4 hours per day booked if you cancel your booked hearings or mediation sessions 21 days or less before the scheduled hearing, unless he is able to rebook the time with another hearing or session.